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Something unique, something authentic & real. 


When we opened in 1971, the Vietnam war was in full effect, Nixon was in the White House, and gas was 31 cents a gallon. 


Much has changed in the ensuing half century, but not at the Discotheque Lounge. Through years and years of operation, we have earned that true vintage sheen many try to recreate. The beer signs and neons weren’t bought vintage-they were new when we hung them.


We often hear walking in our front door is like stepping onto a Tarentino movie set. 

Located in a historic area of Augusta, Georgia, the lounge is an intimate size and focuses your attention on the dancers, not bells and whistles.


We have one main stage and multiple smaller poles around the perimeter.

We have taken great care of our establishment and our employees over the years, and have had the honor of being profiled in the New York Times, Golf Digest, and many, many national and international publications.


When you’re in Augusta, come see us. 


We’ll keep the neon on for you. 

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